Selling Japan Surplus Products in the Philippines as a Business

Japan Surplus Products

We Filipinos are very fond of buying or using ‘second-hand’ or used goods and products, may it be furniture, electronics, mobile phones, clothing, and even vehicles as long as the item is still usable and in good condition. This is why many prefer to shop in ukay-ukay shops (for clothing and accessories) and surplus stores rather than malls because of affordable products that are still stylish and useful.

In relation to second hand goods and surplus stores, Japan surplus products are very popular. This is because Japanese made items are known for quality whether brand new or used. In the Philippines, there are countless stores offering second hand items from Japan. Due to its popularity, it can become a business opportunity for anyone living or working in Japan who wants to export and sell Japanese surplus products to the Philippines.

Japan Surplus Products

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I first heard about a Japan surplus store through a colleague from a call center company I previously worked with. She is a Japino (half-Japanese, half-Filipina) whose family owns several shops of this nature. I initially thought that such business is exclusive to her family but I soon realized that there are actually numerous similar businesses in Metro Manila alone, not including related companies which are operating in the provinces.

Products Sold in Japan Surplus Stores

A quick tour of a surplus shop offering Japan goods will let you discover how affordable their products are. Another colleague, this time a writer, also attests to the affordability of Japanese second hand goods. She is a JPOP fan and was really surprised to discover how low priced the items were. She purchased an earphone which only costs 40-60 pesos as well as mugs, clocks, and a small globe. Her sister-in-law rushed near her after uncovering a treasure, a 28-inch flat TV which only costs P6,000-P7,000 along with similarly cheap DVD and VHS player. These used goods are still in good condition because most Japanese discard damaged properties instead of repairing them, my husband’s friend who worked in Japan for three years always relate this fact.

Other than electronic related goods such as those mentioned above, you’ll also find kitchen products such as appliances, utensils, dining sets, accessories, and more. Furniture and home accessories such as bedding, curtains, and comfort room products are also sold. Even the latest gadgets like smart phones, tablet PCs, laptops, and desktop computers along with computer chairs and tablets are also offered. Japanese beauty products and health supplements are also present. Who knows, you might discover the secret behind the ageless beauty of Japanese women through such beauty or health brands?

Some Japan surplus stores also showcase heavy equipment and materials such as surf box, Fuso fighter, dump truck, mini backhoe, cargo dump, Sakai road roller, mini bulldozer, Iwata dam-04 paint pump, backhoe, Komatsu PC200-8, Relay 2 lines or 4 lines, Isuzu NPR Giga wide Alum Close Van, and other equipment brands .

Japan Surplus Products as a Business

Before engaging in this type of business though, it’s best to learn about policies both in Japan and the Philippines first. Find out how export/import works and business in general.

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