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for Tsudanuma Branch!

June 4&5 (2days) Smartphone Campaign.


Hello! Teruru Park is a store specializing with mobile phones.

We also held this event before and it was a very popular event.

We performed a similar campaign but because of its popularity we were not able to comply with all the customers.

This will be your chance to get mobile phone with less than 7000 yen/month

On June 4&5, we will hold affordable campaign for smartphone price and big discounts.

We also offer discounts for new models.

Normally, we have limited staffs who can translate in our branch.

In the event Multi-lingual staffs will also come to explain more briefly.

We also have multi-language support in advance through telephone inquiry.


  • English
  • Tagalog
  • ChineseThirini
  • Nepali
  • Hindi
  • Vietnamese
  • Japanese

English, Tagalog, Japanese Support:


Person in-charge:Serizawa

Nepali, Hindi, English, Vietnamese Support:


Person in-charge: Bijaya

[Event date and time, at ang Store Branch!]

June 4&5 , Teruru Park Tsudanuma Branch

For MNP contract, 40% OFF from the regular price!

And for other models/services JCB shopping card, store limited cash back, limited lotteries!


【Campaign models】

  • iPhone6
  • iPhone6S
  • iPhone6s+
  • Xperia Z5
  • galaxy S6 edge
  • QuaTab 02




[wpme-gmap address=”千葉県習志野市津田沼1丁目3−1” width=”100%” zoom=”18″]


Narashino, Chiba Prefecture Tsudanuma 1-3-1 mina Tsudanuma 1F

Tellurium Park Mina Tsudanuma store

[Mga kinakailangan para sa pag-apply ng Kontrata]

Residence Card + Passport (models are limited depending on the length of visa)

Japanese License

Health Insurance+ recent electricity bill

Credit Card

(Credit card must be on customer’s name)

※Personal appearance on the time of contract is a must※

You cannot avail this special price from the other stores!


Reservation can be accepted from May 23!

Consult through the following telephone numbers.

English, Tagalog, Japanese

Nepal, Hindi, English, Vietnamese



We are waiting for your call!

You can also contact us through Facebook!

Please feel free to contact us.





Teruru supports customer’s good smartphone life!


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