An Interview with a Pinay Married to a Japanese


Most people think that a Pinay who’s married to a foreigner guy is living an easy life. That’s not always true. There are challenges attached to interracial marriages, Pinays included. This entails a different nationality which results to differences in culture, language, norms, and others. But “if you love each other, why would you look at your big differences instead of embracing and accepting them as your own?’’ That statement is quite common for Pinays marrying foreigners.

Here’s an interview with a Pinay married to a Japanese guy for more than 9 years now.

pinay married to japanese

Question: How do you deal with differences?

Answer: Differences will not matter anymore if you really love each other. Yes, we argue a lot because of our differences, but we are certain of one thing that we have in common, the beats of our hearts for each other.

Question: How did you meet?

Answer: Our love story began when I was still studying in college. Thanks to social media for helping me find my soul mate. We began as casual friends, chatting with each other. But he eventually fell in love with me and I felt the same way towards him.

Question: At what point did you know that he’s the one? When did he propose?

Answer: After a year, he finally decided to tell me how he feels and asked if he can meet my parents here in the Philippines. At first, I thought he was only joking and was not serious at all. But to my surprise, he really went to the Philippines. It was indeed true love, just to imagine that my husband traveled from Japan to Manila, and from Manila to the Bicol Region just to meet my parents, and to ask permission if can marry me. The story on how we met was like a perfect fairy tale for me, though I don’t have a fairy godmother, I have my Father in heaven who wrote my love story, a perfect one for me.

Question: So how is your life now as a Pinay married to a Japanese guy?

Answer: We have been married for almost nine years and were blessed with three cute and healthy children; two beautiful girls and one handsome boy (a perfect carbon copy of my husband). My eldest is already eight years, who is really cute when trying to speak in English. My second (a daughter) is already five years old and starting to attend school. My youngest is only a few months old right now; they consider him as a stress reliever in the family.

Question: Any advice for other Filipinas out there?

Answer: Marriage will not always be perfect; ups and downs will always be present, but my God is bigger than our aups and downs.

As per her request, we have not disclosed this Pinay’s identity for her own privacy and protection.

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