Cherry Blossom in Japan Part 2: Where to Find and What Mysteries Surround Them

Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Cherry Blossom is prevalent in various places of serenity and adventure in Japan. These are Fukuoka, Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo and Hiroshima.


Where to Find Cherry Blossoms

In Fukuoka, this is found in Katsumaya Park where the famous Fukuoka Castle is located. The beauteous Hiroshima on the other hand takes care of these nature’s splendid treasures because its geographically located in the eastern section of Hiroshima Memorial Park. In Kyoto, these bewildering flowers grow during the second week of April. Also, these are extremely abundant in Maruyama Park where your endless splendor begins. Meanwhile, Tokyo will have the most beautiful blossoms of Sakura this month at the National Park of Shinjuku Gyoen and a well-renowned temple which is historically named as the Ueno Park.

Gladly, Osaka has been well-endowed with 5,000 cherry blossom trees. One of which is the Kerna Sakuranomiya Park. These have different color variations from pale pink to baby pink.  More so, Hokkaido will never be left on the sidelines because of their own cultivations that are really far and beyond man’s imagination. Speaking of its flowering season, it begins in April until early May. Furthermore, the Hirosaki  National Park is the perfect spot in viewing these trees of long life.  In fact, there is an annual Hirosaki  Cherry Blossom Festival that is being held every April 23 till the  5th day of May.

The famous Nagoya Castle has lots of trees that beautifully bear the passionate and courageous symbolisms of cherry blossoms. As far as their flowering seasons are concerned these are between late March to early April.

Let me also add Okinawa. Did you know that the first-ever cherry blossom bloom took place in the subtropical islands in the southern part of Okinawa?


The Fascinating Mysteries

A cherry blossom signifies the arrival of spring and beginning of a given school year. In the business world, this is the advent of another fruitful business.  Interestingly, its viewing can be seen anywhere where its trees are too many. Amazingly, its blooming season can be accurately determined by the Japanese Weather Bureau.  From the end of March till April, Japanese are already eagerly anticipating their astonishing blooms that will truly leave anybody in awe.

Outdoor parties are being held every time the Cherry Blossom Season arrives. Historically, the hanami or cherry blossom viewing all started during the Nara Period. From then on, it has become a vivid and colorful part of Japanese history that we all want to be a part of. Based on documented accounts, Sakura was mystically meant in the divination of harvest alongside with the announcement of the rice planting season.

According to Japanese customs and traditions, each cherry blossom miraculously contains a kami or spirit. Consequently, several offerings are made and these are equally divided among each participant and is combined with a delicious sake. These widespread festivities are highlighted by eating and drinking sprees and all night long revelries.

Above anything else, Japan has made itself a historical emblem of cultural ingenuity when the gratifying indulgences of those flowers have reached the United States in 1912. This came after Japan generously donated 3,000 Sakura trees as gifts.


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Image credit: Toshiyuki IMAI/Flickr

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