Cherry Blossoms in Japan: Origin, Types, and Symbolism

Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Japan’s pride is not only due to its wonderful tourist attractions. Her sweet-smelling Cherry Blossoms have given this country a timeless distinction that she is in the same way abundant with those bio-diversified natural resources that millions of people the world over dearly appreciate through the years. These kinds of flowers come from different trees which are categorically classified as genus Prunus. This category has another type which is scientifically termed as Prunus Serrulata. Simply, these spellbinding gifts of Mother Nature are intriguingly referred to as Sakura in Japan.



Since time immemorial, a notable flower like this one is said to be a native of the Himalayas. Today, these are widely circulated in a so-called temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere. The countries that rightfully belong to this side of the globe are:  West Siberia, China, India, Japan Korea and the United States. Due to its impeccable beauty, finest symbolism and wisdom, this is deserving to be adjudged as Japan’s national flower.



Numerous varieties of Cherry Blossoms are being carefully cultivated for ornamental purposes because some of these are not fruit bearing trees. However, for those types that have edible fruits these are commonly found and produced in cultivars of other related species that are alluded to as Prunus Crasus and Prunus Avium.



In the “Land of the Rising Sun,” these flowers have impressively symbolized the clouds due to their mysterious blooming capabilities and their lasting metaphors pertaining to an ephemeral nature of life. This means to say, that Cherry Blossoms are closely associated with a touch of Buddhist influence. Thus, this is likewise linked with the mono no aware concept.  To briefly discuss, mono no aware talks about the pathos of things and empathy towards things. Apart from these, the sweet-sounding natural resource denote volatility and beauty. It has also been intertwined with mortality for some reason.

Moreover, if you are a certified lover of this concept, you are somehow described as a person who is wholeheartedly accepting any form of karma that will come your way. Therefore, these magnificent flowers are domineeringly symbolic and are widely used in Japanese manga, anime, arts and even in their highly-acclaimed films. These fragrant blossoms are used for a more convincing ambient effect in musical performances.  As for different industries in Japan, these remarkable Cherry Blossoms have harmoniously inched their versatility in these products – Kimono, dishware, stationery, and more.

For the sake of state reorganization in honor of the totalitarian militaristic lines, an organization was coined from this very bewitching flower. This is no other than the Cherry Blossom Society. During the Second World War, these have become exemplary distinctions of motivating the Japanese to spread the essence of nationalism and militarism. These most popular flower breeds of Japan inspire the immeasurable and strong Japanese spirit through a song entitled, Song of Young Japan too.

Famous Japanese literary pieces have used a cherry blossom to lovingly endure the various hardships that have been caused by China which resulted to huge death tolls of Japanese soldiers. Need to know more? Read its continuation in the next series of this engrossing article.


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Image credit: Al Jazeera English/Flickr

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