How Often Do You Have to Wash Your Things?

How often do you really have to wash your sheets? Your carpet? Your appliances? Your beloved car? And even your bra? That got us thinking that perhaps some guidelines about when to wash what might be useful. Here is your list for your wash guide!


SHEETS, once a week


Asthma, Hay Fever and Eczema can all be triggered by dust mites, which thrive in filthy sheets. Wash at a high temperature (130 – 150 degrees Fahrenheit) to ensure you remove all of these unwanted pests, followed by a hot dryer cycle.


PILLOWS, every 3-6 months


Studies have shown that the weight of a pillow will increase over time due to the accumulation of dust mites. Using the gentle cycle on your washing machine, wash two pillows together at the same time, quickly followed by two rinse cycles and a drying cycle.


JEANS, every 4-5 wears


Every time you wash your jeans, they will shrink ever so slightly. It is therefore best to wear your denim jeans several times before you wash them but when that time does come, be sure to turn your jeans inside out and wash in cold water. Then, simply let them drip dry.


BRAS, every 3-4 wears,


You should never wear the same bra 2 days in a row, due to the fact that the elastic needs time to reshape. With a proper rotation of a few bras, allowing each one 24 hours to reshape, you should only have to wash them every 3 to 4 wears, using a regular machine cycle.


HAIR, every other day


Washing your hair every day will strip it of its natural oils, so it’s best to wash every other day instead. If you do suffer from oily roots, you can use dry shampoo to soak up any unwanted grease.


WINDOWS, twice a year


Cleaning your windows both inside and out with a squeegee always produces the best results. After initial cleaning with a sponge, use a lint-free cloth to clean a 1-inch strip at the top of the window and then pull down with the moistened squeegee blade.


MATTRESS, every 6 months


Despite its size, the mattress is one of the easiest thing to clean in your home. Firstly, vacuum the top of the mattress using an upholstery attachment, then remove any stains by wiping down the surface with a damp cloth and a small amount if upholstery shampoo.


OVEN, every 6 months


Some ovens will clean themselves but if yours doesn’t, you can always clean it overnight when you’re not using it. To start, remove racks and leave them to soak in warm water. Next, spray the interior and door with oven cleaner and leave for a few hours, then simply wipe clean.


CARPET, once a year


When regularly cleaned, carpets can improved the air quality of a room by trapping allergens and dust. A quick vacuum should be followed by a full steam clean to suck up all the dirt.


PURSE/WALLET, every week


Tests have shown that purses and wallets sometimes carry E.coli and other unwanted germs. Alcohol free baby wipes should be used on leather materials and traditional machine or hand washes for cotton.




Washers and dryers are known to harbor bacteria such as E.coli and Salmonella. Set the machine to its highest level and hottest temperature. Then, add 2 cups of white vinegar and run through its cycle. Repeat this with a half cup of baking soda and then wipe clean.


SINK and DRAIN, every day


The kitchen sink has the second highest concentration of microorganisms in your home, so daily cleaning is highly recommended. To do this, spray with disinfectant and wipe down with a damp cloth.


TOILET, once a week


Even though we use our toilets daily, they can often be overlooked when cleaning time arrives. Use disinfectant spray and a cloth to clean the exterior and a cleanser on the interior. Let the cleanser sit for 10 minutes before scrubbing with the toilet brush, to ensure that all the germs are eradicated.


BATH TOWELS, once a week


As long as you are correctly drying out your bath towels during the day, you can wait a week before you wash them. Take care to use half the amount of detergent when washing, as too much soap will make them less fluffy. Also, wash in warm water and skip the fabric softener.


REFRIGERATOR, once a week


If you want to ensure that all of your food is stored in a germ free environment, care should be taken to keep your refrigerator clean. Use a mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar to wipe the inside, as well as the outside and leave the door open for a short period of time afterwards to let it dry out.


CAR, once every 1-3 weeks,


If you live somewhere that experiences bad weather, or even if you just drive a lot of miles every week or park your car on the street, it is necessary to wash your car every week. Otherwise, you can wait 2-3 more weeks to pass before getting out the hot water and sponge.


A real woman always keeps and maintain her house clean and organized, and the laundry basket empty. When your house is clean then you are taking a real good care of your family and yourself too.


Happy cleaning!


Source: Henryhoover,, ehow

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