Tips for Hairless and Smooth Underarms

Are you tired of your terrible looking underarms? Does it look dark, bumpy, wrinkly and hairy? Have you  tried using Nair and Veet? Shaving and plucking that leaves ingrown hair and darkens your skin more? This awful and useless routine will just take forever.


Ever wonder how to get rid of your hairy armpits?

How does everyone can get smooth, flawless, hairless underarms without spending so much money or effort?


Here are the following tips to achieve awesome underarms:


1. STOP shaving and START waxing , shaving causes the hair follicles to sometimes inflame , thus you get bumpy underarms.

2. Twice or thrice a day, rub lemon juice/lemon wedges with honey to your underarms , leave for 15 minutes and wash off. lemon lightens the underarms and honey softens and smoothens your underarms.

3. Do loads of arm and shoulder exercises , many people don’t know this , but it actually makes your underarms smoother and wrinkle-free.

4. Avoid using deodorants that contains alcohol, because it drys your underarms and eventually causes bumpy and dark underarms.

5. Don’t spray ”PERFUMES”, directly to your underarms.

6. Once a week, apply a mixture of lemon, coconut cream and milk to your underarms, for 20/30 minutes and rinse off with rosewater.



  • This, if done, for 5 weeks regularly will for sure 110% leads to lovely-movie-like underarms.


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