Hiroko Masano: New Japanese Fashion Designer to Watch (Part 5 of Series)

Hiroko Masano

Each year, Central St. Martins School always present runway shows featuring collections from their graduates and Japan is always represented by at least one student in the past few years.  Hiroko Masano continued this tradition as one of the top graduates of CSM for 2015.  Each year, the creations are getting bolder and crazier as fashion configurations are increasing in terms of quality of creations.

This year’s batch (2015) showed the same promise like that of CSM’s previous graduates where their creativity was tested, techniques were tried, and emotions exploded and found their way into the student’s creations. This is why only a selected few are presented in the annual CSM runway show as standards are very rigid.  Hiroko Masano presented a collection showcasing a strange combination of cycling gears and 40’s glamour of very feminine skirts.  This combination showed his ability to adapt and innovate contemporary fashion.  His masterful utilization of leggings and skirts made of neoprene is one great way to predict futuristic fashion for women out there.

Hiroko Masano Central St. Martins School


Indeed, only a person with sensitive and clever mind like Hiroko Masano can create jackets made of neoprene and cycling gears merging with conventional fabrics and 1940’s glamour.  His creations were described as very Dior as it was very elegant and clean in terms of designs.  It is evident that he is a name to watch for not only in Japanese fashion but in the global fashion arena as well.  You can just imagine what he can tinker wth when he starts invading street fashion and appropriating Japanese culture. It would definitely be unique but still stylish, wearable, and trendsetting.

The fashion world will always be forever grateful to new talents who provide fresh ideas and make the industry always colourful, vibrant, and alive. New talents like Hiroko Masano makes people look forward to the future and be excited with creating their own personal fashion statement.

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