Man of Moods by Masakazu Fukuyama (New Japanese Fashion Designer to Watch Part 3)

Man of Moods by Masakazu Fukuyama

Craftsmanship is one of the outstanding qualities of a Japanese fashion designer.  This is what makes Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto, and Rei Kawakubo creations very unique in the fashion world.  This is not surprising since Japanese people are known to focus on details meticulously.  While there were already numerous Japanese fashion designers that mushroomed in the international fashion world after Yamamoto, Kawakubo, and Miyake, the world of fashion is still open to new Japanese designers.  This is because, most Japanese designers have one personal imprint when it comes to fashion.

Man of Moods by Masakazu Fukuyama

Man of Moods by Masakazu Kukuyama


Man of Moods by Masakazu Fukuyama is one brand for individuals whose penchant for urban wear with outdoor exploration as the focus.  Fukuyama creations use unique Japanese tailoring and fusion of materials and components.  Thus, he created clothing wears that are not only good for outdoor living but also work excellently as ordinary day attire. His Man of Moods brand may not be a typical street wear item but many young people find his shirts and other apparel are compatible when incorporated with street fashion clothes and accessories. This could be attributed to the fact that Fukuyama was a sportsman. He was a professional snowboarder before he became a designer. This is why he has an eye and perception on what works well when it comes to merging his “technical clothes” and street fashion.

So if you are one individual who is looking for value for money and wants shirts or clothes that suit your mood, feeling, and lifestyle, Man of Mood by Fukuyama is a great choice for you or your man.  You can start your initiation with this brand with shirts in crewneck made of cotton/rayon/poly blend of clothing material with unique graphic prints. These are usually available in white and other colors. You can never go wrong with classic white shirt but have other options when it comes to color.

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