Women Hair Trends For 2016

According to fashion’s most in-the-know stylists, the hottest haircuts 2016 are going to be pinned, braided and “wet hair effect” styles. If you’re searching for a way to freshen up your look in the New Year, you’ll find that following these new trends will give you a truly fashion-forward look that is modern, edgy and appealing.




Using a lot of pins in order to secure a deep middle part will give you the modern look. Standard bobby pins that match your hair color will give you the trendiest effect. Use eight or nine pins in a row in order to get this style right. If you’re going out on the town or to a special event, consider Marcelled waves for an Old Hollywood look. Then add, rows of pins in order to give this party look a little extra edge.



Braids are classical, but they don’t have to be boring. Braids for hairstyles 2016 should be up-dos which are designed to add drama to every outfit. For maximum impact, wrap a thick braid around the crown of the head and then pin it into place. A thick braid which mimics the look of a deep side part (falling against one side of the forehead) will also look fabulous and so very fashionable.

Wet Hair Effect



Sleek and post-modern, the “wet hair” look is achieved with high-tech styling products, such as flexible styling gels. Getting the look is so easy – just slick back your hair, as though you’re combing it after a shower. Then, add gel in order to keep it wet-looking for longer. It’s best to combine this look with a bit of makeup that is dramatic, in order to avoid looking too severe. Adding the right makeup will anchor the look.


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