Things You Should Throw Away Right Now!

Household clutter is the curse of your existence. Who doesn’t love a house that feels tidy and uncluttered? Try not to keep unnecessary things and objects and start throwing them away. It can be super useful to keep a list of objects to throw away so that if you every find something on the list you know exactly what to do with it. This will help in your cleaning & organization!


Here are some items which you have to throw away now.


#1. Old Shoes
If your shoes are getting shabby and smelly, it’s time to throw them away.


#2. Unworn Clothing
Sometimes we surely buy clothes that we think we love because it looks great on store mannequins, sometimes it’s on sale and you panic to buy them, then we never wear them. Stop holding onto your mistakes. If you haven’t worn it after six months, donate it away.


#3. Unmatched Socks
If you’ve done the laundry and still find that you’ve got dozens of mismatched socks, it’s time to face the facts and get rid of the unmatched ones. You’ll thank yourself later!


#4. Wedding Invitations
These invitations can be so beautiful and expensive so you may feel the need to keep them. But unless they hold significant meaning, bite the bullet and throw them in the recycle bin.


#5. Books
Books can cause serious clutter issues. If you’ve got an emotional attachment to a book, by all means keep it. But for light reading, turn to the library.


#6. Movies
Friday nights just wouldn’t be the same without movies. But that doesn’t mean you need to own every movie you’ve ever watched. If you’ve got movies that were okay but you wouldn’t see them again, get rid of them.


#7. Duplicate Kitchen Utensils
We all have them, but the question is “why?” You really only need one whisker, one 1/2 cup measure, and one spatula. Do yourself a favor and throw the duplicates out.


#8. Your Toothbrush
Dentists recommend replacing these things every month or so. That may not be realistic by try to get in the habit of buying new ones every once in a while and disposing of old ones.


#9. Expired Coupons
There’s really no point to clinging onto these things, but inevitably there’s a drawer at your house full of them. Take the time to throw away expired coupons so you don’t get confused.


#10. Old Prom Dresses/ costumes
Maybe prom was the best night of your life, but you still don’t need to keep the dress. Prom dresses take up lots of space, and they’ll seriously never come in handy again. Same goes with costumes you buy for a Halloween night party, you will never use the same costume you had worn this year. Face it, you will surely buy a new outfit!


#11. Old Calendars
Out with the old and in with the new. Once the year is over it’s time to throw the calendar away. Keeping it up will create lots of confusion.


#12. Abandoned Earrings

Everyone has this abandoned earrings inside their accessory box, you will never use them. It will take space until it rust so just throw them away!





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