Thrill In Being An Otaku

Have you ever felt the excitement whenever you spend time reading or watching an anime? All those emotions and fun whenever you see your favorite shows like One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, Shingeki No Kyojin and even the one that’s making a name right now which is One Punch Man?
Not only that, you’re always into new animes that are being released, admiring the new ones and still appreciating the old. Then you’re one Otaku at heart! In the essence of that, the most thrilling part of that is being part of a cosplay convention!
For those of you who aren’t aware of what a cosplay convention hold, he’s how it works for those who have experienced the fun event.

1. The costume.

This is one of the most well prepared thing a cosplayer would ever have in mind. Being an Otaku, you would always want to wear the perfect get up to mimic your beloved character. Even if you would cost you time and money, anything to make sure that you’re bearing the image of your character.

2. Traveling

Of course, being an Otaku might have its perks and cons, but we always shrug that away for the sake of our passion. Even if the convention would either be a few miles away from home or even in another country. A real cosplayer wouldn’t mind packing their bag to set in a voyage to fulfil his duty to portray his favorite anime character. Even if there are awkward stares from random people that they may encounter while on the way.

3. Groups

Came to the cosplay convention alone? Not a problem, even if you’ve gone to it alone, you wouldn’t feel a bit of loneliness the moment a group of people comes to you with the same anime that you’ve prepared for. Fun fact about being part of a cosplay convention is, no matter who you are, as long as you’re considered one of them (same anime) you’re as much welcome as the next person.

4. Name

One of the best things to also go along with the convention is being called not by your name, but by your character’s name. You don’t have to make the effort of having name tags or any such, you simply call the person on who they’re dressed up as. Just remember not to call someone dressed as Natsu in a whole pile of them clustered together.

5. Wardrobe malfunctions!

Just when everything seems to have gone all smoothly, you face one of the most unavoidable scenarios in a convention. That mid-convention malfunction. One of the glued costume wasn’t holding up your Gundam suit intact or your Purgatory Armor (Erza’s Armor) has a bit of stich issue. Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world just yet, there’s always some help, be it a fellow cosplayer carrying a repair kit, or the convention’s repair stations. So don’t fret, and just make a quick stop over for some tune up.

6. The attention

Not always being the best eye catcher in the normal crowd? That’s fine, a cosplayer’s time to shine one’s he or she is on the presence of their fellow Otaku. People around you would rush over for hug, a photo take or even a heartfelt compliment on your get up. Best part of is that you get to gain more friends and as well as admirers. So don’t fuss about attention in the normal world, there’s always another crowd of people that would truly appreciate you.

7. The utmost fun!

At the end of a tiresome day, walking around for photo takes with people and going through the crowd with your costume hindering your mobility because the line for one of the novelty souvenirs for One Piece is running out of stock because a line of people. The one and only thing that enlightens you the most if the fun and excitement that you’ve gone through. Nothing beats the accomplishment in getting through the day with a smile in your face. Because the moment you go into a cosplay convention alone, you go home with lots of friends that you can gather in one spectacular day.

These are just a mere list of what to expect in a cosplay convention, so what are you waiting for? Check out the next upcoming cosplay event near your place and sew up the costume of your favorite character and prepare for the most memorable day that you’re going to experience. Otaku or not, you’re going to have the time of your life. Just make sure you have enough storage in your camera or phone for the album that you’re going to create.


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