How to Look Like You’re Wearing Harakuju Fashion

how to look like you're wearing Harajuku fashion

Harajuku fashion style is basically street fashion. Therefore, there are not so much rules to observe the way high fashion has.  It is easy to copy and easier on your pocket too.  Now, the question is, do you know how to dress as if you’re wearing Harajuku style of fashion?  Here are ways on how it’s done.

Browse Omotesando Online

This is the most obvious means to learn how to dress like one.  This is due to the fact that there are lots of styles involved and it becomes complicated because one style is merged with another style.  Some of the famous styles in Omotesando on any given Sunday include the Gothic Lolita which is a fusion of wearing feminine, elegant, and gothic clothing, Cosplay which is dressing up like your favorite anime characters, punks which embraced the punk style of London and taken as a sign of youth rebellion, and Decora which is a fusion of flamboyance and colors as examples of Harajuku fashion.

how to look like you're wearing Harajuku fashion

image credit: Deviantart

Just Mix and Match

As mentioned earlier; there are no rules.  If you look closely at this kind of Japanese fashion, it involves a mix and match of clothing and accessories. As there are no rules involved, you have more room to experiment in terms of merging personal style and Harajuku fashion. Thus, you’ll find kimono covering leather and lace style of fashion, school girl fashion with punk style hairdo, or a collage of rainbow colors from head to toe.  The possibilities are endless for as long as your style is a personal expression of individuality.

Customize Your Clothing

You don’t need to buy new things. Just look into your closet and find out what you can mix and match.  You can re-tailor old clothes like putting patches of shapes on a simple black dress, or cut out the sleeve of your sweat shirts and use it as arm gloves to complement your ninja look style.

This is the beauty of Harajuku fashion as people in Omotesando are more concerned with personal style not on rules of fashion.

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